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USCIS EB-5 Visa Regional Centers List Updated as of February 2012


EB-5 Visa Regional Centers List Updated.

The list of Regional Centers approved by The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) as of February 2012 is shown below. Now 218 USCIS approved Regional Centers.

Updated List of EB-5 Regional Centers:

Alabama,”America’s Center for Foreign Investment, LLC (ACFI) (formerly Alabama Regional Center )”
Alabama,”Sunbelt EB-5 Regional Center, LLC”
Arizona,”Arizona Alternative Energy Center, LLC”
Arizona,Central Arizona Regional Center
Arizona,”Grand Canyon Regional Center, LLC”
Arizona,”Green Card Fund, LLC”
Arizona,Liberty West Regional Center
California,AAA California Regional Center
California,ACS Regional Center
California,Admiralty Calirornia Regional Center LLC
California,Alliance Regional Center | Oasis Growth Partners LLC
California,American Franchise Regional Center LLC
California,American Gateway Regional Center
California,American General Realty Advisors Regional Center
California,American Life Development Company LLC
California,American Logistics [International] Regional Center
California,American Redevelopment RC / American Redevelopment Solutions LLC
California,Bay Area Regional Center LLC
California,California Consortium for Agricultural Export (CCAE)
California,California Energy Investment Center
California,California Farm Limited Partnership
California,”California Global Alliance Regional Center c/o Lewis C. Nelson & Sons, Inc.”
California,California Golden Fund
California,California Green Regional Center
California,”California Investment Immigration Fund, LLC (CIIS)”
California,California Pacific Group Regional Center
California,California Real Estate Regional Center
California,”California Wineries & Vineyards, LLC Regional Center (CWVRC)”
California,Century America Regional Center
California,CMB Export LLC
California,Dos Lagos Regional Center LLC
California,FDIUS Regional Center
California,FreeMind Films Regional Center
California,Global Premier America Regional Center LLC
California,”Green Energy Regional Center, LLC (GERC)”
California,Hollywood International Regional Center
California,Hollywood Regional Center
California,Home Paradise Regional Center
California,Imperial Regional Center
California,”Inland Empire Renewable Energy Regional Center, LLC”
California,”Invest LA Regional Center, LLC”
California,Los Angeles County Regional Center
California,Los Angeles Regional Center
California,”M&D Regional Center, LLC”
California,Nevada California Regional Center
California,New Energy Horizons Regional Center
California,New World Regional Center
California,”Next Bay Properties, LLC”
California,”Northern California Regional Center, LLC ”
California,Pacific Dynasty Regional Center
California,Regional Center Management Los Angeles
California,”Regional Center Properties, LLC ”
California,San Francisco Bay Area Regional Center
California,San Francisco Regional Center
California,Silicon Valley California Regional Center
California,Silicon Valley Venture Investment Regional Center
California,South East Los Angeles RC (SELARC)
California,”Synergy California Green Hospitality Regional Center, LLC”
California,”United Venture Regional Center, LLC”
California,US Commercial Regional Center
California,US Employment Development Lending Center
California,”USA Continental Regional Center, LLC”
California,Velocity Regional Center
California,”Wave House California Regional Center, LLC ”
California,YK America Regional Center LLC
Colorado,”Colorado Intercontinental Regional Center, LLC Stephen S. Smith c/o Evergreen Land Co.”
Colorado,”Colorado Regional Center, LLC”
Colorado,Invest U.S. Regional Center
Colorado,Rocky Mountain High Regional Center
District of Columbia,Anacostia Regional Center
District of Columbia,Capital Area Regional CenterTM (CARCTM) c/o Global Capital Markets Advisors
District of Columbia,DC Regional Center
District of Columbia,”Regional Center of South Florida, LLC”
Florida,”American Life Investments, LLC”
Florida,”America’s Center for Foreign Investment, LLC”
Florida,”BirchLEAF Miami 31, LLC Regional Center”
Florida,Charlotte Harbor Regional Center
Florida,Florida EB5 Investments LLC Regional Center
Florida,”Florida EB-5 Regional Center, LLC;”
Florida,”Florida Equity & Growth Fund Regional Center, LLC”
Florida,Florida Overseas Investment Center RC
Florida,”Florida Regional Center, LLC”
Florida,Gold Coast Florida Regional Center
Florida,Gulf Coast Regional Investment Center LLC
Florida,Hollywood Beach Regional Center LLC
Florida,Lake Buena Vista RC
Florida,The Lake Point EcoVentures Regional Center
Florida,Mirzam Investor Green Card Regional Center
Florida,Palm Beach RC
Florida,Palm Coast Florida Regional Center
Florida,South Florida Investment Regional Center
Florida,South Atlantic Regional Center (SARC)
Florida,South Florida Investment Regional Center (SFIRC)
Georgia,”America’s Center for Foreign Investment, LLC”
Georgia,Atlanta EB5 Regional Center LLC
Georgia,Georgia Center for Foreign Investment and Development
Georgia,”Georgia Regional Center, LLC ”
Georgia,Middle Georgia Regional Center
Georgia,Southeast Regional Center LLC
Guam,Guam Strategic Development LLC RC
Hawaii,”Aloha Regional Center, LLC”
Hawaii,”EB-5 Jobs for Hawaii, LLC”
Hawaii,Golden Pacific Ventures Regional Center
Hawaii,Hawaii Regional Center
Hawaii,Hawaiian Islands Regional Center LLC
Idaho,Idaho State Regional Center LLC
Idaho,Invest Idaho Regional Center
Illinois,Chicagoland Foreign Investment Group (CFIG) Regional Center
Illinois,Intercontinental Regional Center Trust of Chicago
Illinois,LaSalle County Business Development Center (LCBDC)
Illinois,Local Government Regional Center of Illinois
Illinois,US HITEC Regional Center
Indiana,”Midwest Center for Foreign Investment, LLC ”
Indiana,Energize-ECI EB-5 Visa Regional Center
Iowa,Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED)
Kansas,1900 Gulf Street Partners Regional Center
Kansas,”Kansas Bio-Fuel RC, LLC”
Kansas,Kansas Regional Center
Kentucky,”Midwest Center for Foreign Investment, LLC”
Kentucky,Midwest EB-5 Regional Center
Louisiana,Gulf Coast Funds Management Regional Center (GCFM)
Louisiana,Gulf Coast Regional Center
Louisiana,Louisiana Mississippi Regional Center
Louisiana,New Orleans’ Mayor’s Office RC
Maine,USA Lifestyles Regional Center
Maryland,DC Regional Center
Maryland,”Maryland Center for Foreign Investment, LLC”
Maryland,Oriental Dolphin EB-5 Regional Center
Massachussets,”EB-5 Jobs for Massachusetts, Inc.”
Michigan,Detroit Immigrant Investor Regional Center
Michigan,”EB-5, MRC LLC”
Michigan,”Green Detroit Regional Center, LLC”
Michigan,International Michigan Investments Regional Center
Michigan,Lansing Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) Regional Center
Michigan,Tucker Development Corporation Regional Center
Mississippi,America’s Center for Foreign Investment LLC (ACFI)
Mississippi,”Gulf Coast Funds Management, LLC”
Mississippi,Louisiana Mississippi Regional Center
Mississippi,”Mississippi Development Center, LLC”
Missouri,1900 Gulf Street Partners Regional Center
Missouri,MAMTEK Regional Center
Montana,Northern Rockies Regional Center
Nevada,Clark County Regional Center
Nevada,Geothermal Regional Center LLC
Nevada,Las Vegas Regional Center
Nevada,Nevada California Regional Center
Nevada,Nevada Regional Economic Development Center (NREDC)
Nevada,”Northern California Regional Center, LLC ”
New Hampshire,New Hampshire EB-5 Regional Center
New Jersey,”New Jersey Regional Center, LLC”
New York,Buffalo Regional Center
New York,”EB-5 New York State, LLC”
New York,Extell New York Regional Center
New York,Federal New York Metropolitan Regional Center
New York,”Manhattan Regional Center, LLC”
New York,”New York City Regional Center, LLC”
New York,”New York Immigration Fund, LLC ”
New York,”New York Proton Regional Center, LLC”
New York,North Country EB-5 Regional Center LLC
New York,NYC Metro Regional Center LLC
North Carolina,”Atlantic Regional Center for Foreign Investment, LLC (ARCFi) ”
North Carolina,Carolina Center for Foreign Investment RC
North Carolina,”North Carolina Center for Foreign Investments, LLC”
North Carolina,”Tennessee Regional Center, LLC ”
North Dakota,UND Center for Innovation Foundation Regional Center
Ohio,”Cleveland International Fund, Ltd”
Ohio,CMB Summit LLC RC
Ohio,Northeast Ohio Regional Center
Ohio,Ohio Development Regional Center
Oklahoma,”South West Biofuel RC, LLC (SWBRC)”
Oklahoma,”Southern Star Regional Investment Center, LLC”
Oregon,American United EB-5 Regional Center
Oregon,Portland Regional Center
Pennsylvania,Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Regional Center
Pennsylvania,Pittsburg Regional Investement Center LLC
Pennsylvania,Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) Regional Center
South Carolina,Carolina Center for Foreign Investment RC
South Dakota,South Dakota International Business Institute (SDIBI)
Tennessee,”America’s Center for Foreign Investment, LLC”
Tennessee,”Tennessee Regional Center, LLC”
Texas,City of Dallas RC (CDRC)
Texas,CP Regional Center Inc
Texas,Crown Point Regional Center
Texas,DC Partners Regional Center
Texas,Global Century (Houston)
Texas,”Great Texas Regional Center, LLC”
Texas,Luca Energy Fund Regional Center
Texas,McAllen EB-5 Regional Center
Texas,North Texas EB-5 Regional Center LLC
Texas,”South West Biofuel RC, LLC (SWBRC)”
Texas,Star of Texas Regional Center
Texas,”Texas Lone Star Enterprises, LLC”
Texas,Texas Urban Triangle Regional Center LLC
Texas,USA Now Regional Center LLC
Utah,Invest U.S. Regional Center
Utah,Mountain States Center for Foreign Investment (MSCFI)
Utah,Utah High Country Regional Center
Utah,”Utah Regional Investment Fund, LLC”
Vermont,Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development
Virginia,DC Regional Center
Washington,Aero Space Port International Group (ASPI Group) Regional Center
Washington,”American Life Ventures Everett, Washington”
Washington,”American Life, Inc. – Lakewood Regional Center”
Washington,American Life Seattle RC | Gold Rainbow | Freedom Fund
Washington,”American Life Ventures, Tacoma, Washington”
Washington,Eastern Washington Regional Center
Washington,Farm for America Regional Center
Washington,”Path America Sonoco, LLC”
Washington,Seattle Regional Center
Washington,Twin Development LLC Regional Center
Washington,Washington Regional Center
Washington,Western Washington Regional Center LLC
Washington,Whatcom Opportunities RC
Wisconsin,Ecorntech Regional Center
Wisconsin,Ecorntech Regional Center
Wisconsin,Intercontinental Regional Center Trust of Chicago
Wisconsin,Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC)
Wyoming,Invest U.S. Regional Center