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Benefits of EB5 Regional Center Program for Visa Investors

EB5 regional center program is offering foreign investors the quick and easy Green Card. For investors,

No education degree is required

No any kind of Test is required

No English or any other language is required

No labor certificate is required

No business or management experience is required

No complicated income investigation is required. Investment capital can come from a gift, inheritance, business ownership or any other lawful activities

No green card petition backlogs in USCIS, as quickly as 4months to get the green card

Emigrate with your family member together (spouse and children under the age of 21 at the time of the application), no waiting line or family petition backlogs

No investment business management on a daily basis. Investors may pursue other professionals, or full time family care and children education

Free to return to your homeland for visits or business purposes, as long as a residence is maintained in the United States

Enjoy the freedom of traveling all over the world, no visa stamp for return

Low cost for public schools, colleges and universities in US

Eligible for United States citizenship in only 5 years


More Benefits for the New York City Metro Regional Center (NYCMRC) Investors

Minimum investment is only USD$500,000

Live, work, educated or retire in but not limited to New York Metro area, the global center of business, entertainment, education, culture and finance

NYCMRC is operated by the reputed economists, attorneys, architects and other professionals with rich experience in economy, law, real estate, urban planning with superior management

NYCMRC is offering our clients the EB5 petitions service, assistance and consulting based on your needs.  

NYCMRC diversifies the investing capital into a variety of businesses and assets, instead of infusing all the capital into one specific entity, with reduced and diversified risks for the investors’ capital.

Enjoying the privileges of free annual accommodation and entertainment in facilities of NYCMRC.

NYCMRC has indicated a clear and concrete exit strategy and fixed term for the return of your investment capital and profits.