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Overview of NYC Metro Regional Center, LLC

Based in the New York City Metropolitan Area, NYC Regional Center is pending approval as of November, 2010 by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services as a provider of the EB-5 Regional Center Program. The NYC Metro Regional Center, LLC is set up as a Limited Liability Company in the State of New York. The ownership is held by Joe Zhenghong Zhou.

NYC Metro Regional Center, LLC consists of several entities, such as NYC Fund L.P. LLC is the general partner of the L.P., and all foreign investors are the limited partners. 

NYC Metro Regional Center, LLC is proud of the accomplishments of the people that have made up this company. NYC Metro Regional Center, LLC is particularly proud of the fact that we possess a dedicated management team that demonstrates experience, talents, skills, honesty, integrity and professionalism in all aspects of operations. The company is also particularly proud of the fact that all of our associates are carefully prescreened to ensure the highest standard of quality and we consistently strive to provide a superior level of service designed to exceed the expectations of our clients.

The US domestic construction and labor market and overseas capital market have an increasing demand for regional centers that will serve as a provider of the EB-5 Program. This industry is one of the most exciting industries in the United States. It presents an ever increasing market, a very healthy bottom line, and excellent opportunities for growth. NYC Metro Regional Center, LLC has all this to offer and its management team will keep its finger on the pulse of market demands. This industry is filling the needs of the consumer by allotting 10,000 investment immigrant visas per year for aliens and family members whose qualifying investments will be responsible for creating or preserving at least ten (10) full-time jobs for United States workers. NYC Metro Regional Center, LLC fits perfectly for meeting the demands of its industry.

Management is the core and nucleus of any organization. NYC Metro Regional Center, LLC embraces the excellent management team who provides all the talent necessary to complete every aspect of this business. There is an abundance of talent, skills, experience, achievement, knowledge, and expertise of the advisory board members. 
NYC Metro Regional Center, LLC knows how important the organizational structure is to the success of a company. Each position with this company has a detailed job description as well as a defined relationship to the whole.

From all of management positions to department heads, to first line implementation staffs, the structure of the organization is detailed and complete. Authority is properly positioned to achieve maximum effectiveness of each organizational structure. The brief description of the duties and responsibilities of each as it pertains to the successful management and development of this company’s goals is available upon request.