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Perspective Business Partners

Financing Your Business

After suffering from the most serious financial crisis since the 30s, for US economy, to obtain traditional bank financing is quite challenging for businesses. In this context foreign capital is becoming increasingly needed. More and more businesses are looking for foreign capital through the opportunities of the EB5 Investment.

If you are looking for capital and funding for your business, you may benefit from our EB5 regional center program.

Types of Your Business

There are 3 business types that are permissible for EB5 investments:

a. A New business.

b. A Troubled Business (defined generally as a business which has lost 25% or more of its net value in the last 12 or 24 months).

c. An Expanding Business (defined generally as a business which will expand its revenue or number of full time jobs by 40% within the next 24 months).

If your business fall into one of the above categories, and you have an interest in your business participating in the EB5 investment visa program, you can apply to be our “Business Partner” through our regional center program. We will help you to obtain the capital or funding for your business.

What you need to do?

1. Please send an email to us at info@NYEB5.COM with the “Business funding” in the Subject box.

2. Please include the following information in your email:

a. your name, phone and email address;
b. the existing or proposed street address, city and county of the business;
c. a brief summary of the business: including types of your business and what industries in your business;
d. initial funding needed (approximate - you can change this later in the process);
e. additional funding anticipated (if any) - you can change this later in the process, too);
f. number of full time jobs (35 hours or more per week) you can create within 2 years in the case of a new or expanding business, or, in the case of a troubled business how many such jobs exist now and will definitively be saved for at least 24 months.

Or you can fax the above information to Fax: (718) 888-9018.

Or you can call us at Tel: (718) 888-9668 for more questions.