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“Investor Immigration” Property Projects Filling out Beijing Real Estate Show


Feb 20, 2012


Beijing real estate exhibitions, regarded as a barometer of China property market development, are now turning into a distribution center for overseas real estate, especially from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Euro zone.

According to the Beijing local newspaper Beijing Morning Post, the reporter learned yesterday from the Organizing Committee of the Four Seasons Real Estate Exhibitions that in the Dragon Year Spring Real Estate Show, as scheduled on April 5 in the International Trade Center in Beijing, hundreds of overseas property projects have been finalized, of which one third is under the "investor immigration" program.

The official from the committee told the reporter that as of February 15, 2012 there were 110 projects in more than 20 countries and regions registered for this real estate show. Most participants come from the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cyprus, Mauritius, and Malta. Of them Switzerland, Indonesia, Mauritius, and Malta set up their debut in Beijing real estate show.

The number of overseas exhibitors this time doubled than last year, and reaches the total number of all exhibitors last year. The Dragon Year Spring Real Estate Show is looked as the largest overseas real estate showcase in its history.

It is reported that this exhibition of overseas projects include a number of real estate projects, luxury villas, land investments, farm and winery investments.  At the show, Beijing immigration service providers and overseas real estate agents will offer on-site consulting.

Wei Ke non, director of international business of the Beijing Organizing Committee of exhibitions, said, “Many traditional developed countries have improved the migration threshold. In Britain investors immigration qualification requires at least 10 million RMB for immigration, of which 2.5 million is for buying real estate for investing or self-occupied, and the remaining of invest capital has to be invested in government-designated projects or government bonds and other investing fields. In the United States, EB-5 program encourages investors to invest at least 500,000 in land, hotels and other projects for two consecutive years to obtain green cards for a whole family.

In addition to the developed countries, more and more new emerging foreign economy markets start to combine the foreign investment and immigration together to attract the attention of investors in China, such as Malaysia, Cyprus, Mauritius, and Malta.

Wei Ke non introduced, “The new market Cyprus, a member of the European Union, will promote its investor immigration policy in the show. According to its policy, any investor investing only 300,000 euros will obtain a green card of EU countries in 3-6 months. The 'Malaysia My Second Home MM2H' project offers successful applicants up to 10 years visa which can be renewed for a whole life."


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